Women’s role in the modern world

A woman changes her role as she progressively advances in age and adopts the new task. She plays every role with perfection in her way. She becomes a focal point in the family. The woman provides a link among the family clans which is pivotal and important. The most important link is that of a mother. A mother is the truest friend of the entire family. Her concern about children is unmatched and unparalleled. Her innate love and affection are recognized both in her life time and after her demise too.

Women’s role in this modern era differs divergently. It is the manifestation of undesirable freedom provided to them. The rise in the divorce rate and women taking advantage of favorable laws is the cause of the disaster in the families. The sanctity of women and their core values depleted, hence, becoming unfocused.

It is our duty to evaluate and teach the younger generation the importance of being moderate and balance in life. They should understand that every house needs a woman in the form of the mother, daughter, wife, and the best companion. She is the protective shield of the family. When the mindset of men reconciles the necessity and importance of women in his life, then life becomes smooth and full of love and affection.

It is through this process that we negotiate, through constant self-development, our position as to where we fit in. Once our role is defined, we begin the arduous task of becoming an integral part of this structure.

The road to socialization, however, is sometimes paved with boulders. Specifically, defining one’s gender role and how it relates to society’s expectations of what that role represents.

If it is true that “all the worlds’ a stage, and we are merely players in it,” then it is a society that is choosing and directing the script. It is the process by which we act out the parts of this script that determine our successes and failures.

Case in point: In 1992, a statistic cited that out of the nations entire congress, only 6% are women. It was stated that “Gender plays an important role in the selection of government positions based on ethnicity. Therefore, the choice will almost always be a man. He is more capable of getting funding for his campaign than his counterpart, whereas a woman will receive a token pledge.” During the 70s, if a woman ran for congress, she would have probably received a $100.00 campaign donation versus a $1000 pledged to her counterpart.

Things are quite different today, as evidenced by the recent presidential campaign. However, women have not gained as many seats in Congress as they should. Thus, the script needs to be re-worked.

Family, religion, education, politics, media hype, and peer pressure all contribute to the social polarization of women. These agents of socialization do affect the identity of the female role in today’s society. As one struggles to maintain individuality, it is amazing that anyone could survive the scrutiny that is dispensed by society.

Forty-five years ago, I had the ability to climb the ladder of success. What I lacked, however, was the understanding that I could. Today, I have the ability to achieve and become the best at whatever I wish to be. What I gained is the understanding that I can.

Latch-key kids, a high divorce rate, two-paycheck households, single family households, and a decline in the respect given to the elderly is a common practice.

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