Women in Politics

In a male dominant society it would be an understatement to say that women are expected to do all the house chores, while men think that they have to deal with all the manly tasks’ such as running a country. Gender specific roles and jobs have been established by the society as women are often associated with
weakness and gentleness, and it is automatically assumed that women are unable to handle massive matters.  The female population has been fighting for concerns like ownership of capital,the right to vote, equal wages etc., but they realized that they are way bigger than the issues which hold them down.

Essentially, great efforts have been made by women in order to make females realize the importance of raising their voice and their voice being heard.Hence, in the recent years, due to the growing significance of the ideology of feminism, women have also gained some control and authority in major fields such as
politics.Acknowledging the fact that women make up more than fifty percent of the entire population in this democratic country, therefore, they deserve to
represent that in the National Assembly. The trend or wave of women being in politics was always there yet almost non-existential. However it has recently
increased all over the world as a significant number of the female population is being educated. Brilliant and authority driven females are thus entering the
field of politics with the aim of bringing a positive change in the society.

This proves that woman are not any less determined or capable than men are, but they seldom get the opportunity to prove to others what they are capable of.Individuals tend to think that the field of politics is not what a girl or a woman would be interested in, or it is not the right filed for women as it is corrupted and
hideous. While on the other hand, the reality is highly complicated and hardly talked about openly. Women are held down by the unseen chains of the societal 
norms and traditions, which force them to live a certain way, however, the woman of today has stepped out of these norms and has decided to take control
of the things.

Nowadays women are very commonly seen active in politics, by being an essential member of a party or a social activist.A few big names of the women who broke the stereotypes around the globe are Benazir Bhutto, Hilary Clinton (Secretary of the State), Sonia Gandhi (President Indian National Congress), Michelle Obama (First Lady), Queen Elizabeth II, U.K and many more. These women proved to the entire world that women even though are held back by the society, but they can achieve what men can if they put their mind to it and have the strength to challenge the socio-economic factors which usually are an obstacle for them. It is through such steps that the female youth is encouraged to follow the footsteps of influential female leaders who have been able to make an impact on their people and has greatly reduced the gender gap which still prevails in the society.